COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your interest in HCASB! With the current circumstances, we are unsure if a 2020-2021 trip will be a possibility. More information regarding the status of the trip and the various ways to get involved with HCASB coming soon!


HCASB is open to

  • University of Washington undergraduate matriculates
  • University of Washington Alumni may participate on the trip if they are also team leaders, committee members or on the steering committee. 

If you are ineligible and are interested in developing your own shadowing experience, feel free to contact us at for information or advice.

We do not consider GPA in choosing participants or leadership. Good luck!

Which Application?

Please take a moment to read through the various ways to get involved in HCASB.

HCASB is a completely student-run organization. As such, we always welcome students to help us make the trip possible every year. Consider exercising your leadership skills by joining a committee, or developing a site for HCASB as a Team Leader. Find more information on this in the above pages!


If you apply to be a team leader and get accepted, you can still apply to also be a committee member but you cannot apply to be a participant because you would already be going on the trip as a Team Leader. 

If you are not accepted as a team leader, we would still love for you to be a committee member and/or a participant. You would have to reapply to HCASB through those respective catalyst applications.