Applying & Planning

Eligibility Note

At this time, HCASB is only open to University of Washington undergraduates who are matriculated – Team Leaders and Participants must be undergraduates registered for the following quarter at the time of Spring Break! If you are ineligible, and are interested in developing your own shadowing experience, feel free to contact us for information or advice. Good luck!

HCASB Participant Experience

HCASB aims to help pre-health undergraduates learn about the unique challenges and characteristics of rural healthcare through first-hand, immersive experiences. During the University of Washington’s Spring Break, Teams of 4-6 undergraduates will travel to a community in rural Washington state, and shadow healthcare professionals for four days to learn about their clinical practice. The fifth day of each Spring Break experience, participants will give back to their host community, typically through school visits to promote pursuit of higher education.

Logistics The cost of the trip has not been finalized for this year, but will be in the $200-$250 range, depending on fundraising over the next few months. This cost will cover food, lodging, and transportation; any unspent funds will be returned to participants at the end of their trip. Lodging and transportation to each site is planned and provided for by HCASB, via the trip fee. Full and partial scholarships are available through an application on request.

Shadowing Positions Available shadowing positions include:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy*
  • Public Health*


* These positions tentatively available for HCASB 2014.

Getting Involved

HCASB is a completely student-run organization. As such, we always welcome students to help us make the trip possible every year! Consider exercising your leadership chops by joining a Planning Committee, or developing a site for HCASB as a Team Leader! Team Leaders and Planners must indicate their interest at the beginning of the school year, through an application or interest survey (respectively), to be posted on the website after the planner information meeting.

Just want to go on the trip? Participants will apply to go on the trip during winter quarter. Watch our website for timing of information sessions, and the posting of the application.

[ Team Leader | Application | Public Relations | Fundraising | Orientation ]

Team Leader (Site Development):

Time Commitment: About 3-5 hrs/wk

Role: Plan site & lead a team of 4-6 students


  • Contact clinics & housing
  • Coordinate a volunteer activity at a local high school
  • Contact lecture speakers
  • Compile participant folders
  • Attend all committee meetings
  • Respond promptly to all emails
  • Have a valid driver’s license and insurance, and be willing to drive a rental vehicle to and from your site

The Ideal Team Leader:
If you are organized, self-motivated, personable, and would like to hone your leadership skills, this is the perfect position for you! No prior HCASB experience is necessary though applications from past participants and planners are highly encouraged. All Team Leaders are guaranteed a spot on the Spring Break trip.

Application Committee

Time Commitment:

  • Fall Quarter: About 1-2 hrs/wk
  • Winter Quarter: About 3-4 hrs/wk


  • Decide on style of application process
  • Create general application & rubric
  • Make scholarship application & rubric
  • Read & evaluate applications
  • Assign applicants to sites

The Ideal Application Committee Member:
We prefer students who have had prior experience with HCASB though new members are welcome. If you are organized, have a knack for reading & writing, and work well under time constraints, this is the job for you!

Public Relations/Web Committee

Public Relations/Web Committee

Time Commitment: About 2 hrs/wk


  • Notify pre-health email listservs of HCASB events and opportunities
  • Coordinate and participate in HCASB promotional events such as tabling and classroom visits
  • Maintain contact with media in Seattle and in towns in which we will be visiting
  • Create evaluation surveys for participants and clinics
  • Maintain website
  • Design and compile the Reflections Book sent to clinics as a thank you for hosting us

The Ideal Public Relations/Web Member:
If you are creative, technologically-inclined, enjoy networking, and public speaking, this is the job for you!

Fundraising Committee

Time Commitment: About 2 hrs/wk


  • Maintain relationships with sponsors
  • Explore new fundraising options
  • Seek donations and new sponsors
  • Design and order T-shirts
  • Collaborate with Orientation Committee to order food and prepare goodie bags for Orientation
  • Plan the HCASB Post-Spring Break Celebration

The Ideal Fundraising Committee Member:
If you collaborate well with others, like to network, and work well under time constraints, we would love to have you on board. New members are encouraged!

Orientation Committee

Time Commitment:

  • Fall Quarter: About 1-2 hrs/wk
  • Winter Quarter: About 3-4 hrs/wk Workload may be very heavy in the few weeks prior to Spring Break.


  • Plan and lead Orientation/Training for all accepted HCASB participants
  • Research public health information pertinent to a particular underserved population
  • Create participant information packet
  • Make a presentation about cultural competency and other rural health issues to educate participants about what to expect at their clinics
  • Contact guest speakers (physicians at UWSOM) about rural health and HCASB past participants
  • Compile general trip logistics for participant folders

The Ideal Orientation Committee Member:
If you enjoy planning major events, working with others, and have an interest in public speaking, this is the perfect job for you! We prefer that all Orientation Committee members are former Spring Break participants.