Team Leaders

(organized and supported by directors of shadowing operations on the HCASB Steering Committee)

Team Leaders are responsible for setting up the trip – including clinics, home stays, volunteering, and other activities. Although it is more work, team leaders have more control over their trip experience as they determine which health professionals to contact. For example, a team leader can choose to focus on setting up just pre-medical shadowing or pre-medical with a mix of pre-dental and pre-pharmacy rotations.

Role: Plan & lead a team of 4-6 students to an assigned HCASB site during the trip
Time Commitment:

  • if applied during spring quarter, about 1-3 hrs/wk, from September to March
  • if applied during fall quarter, about 3-5 hrs/week from November to March


  • Contact clinics & housing
  • Coordinate a volunteer activity
  • Contact lecture speakers
  • Compile participant folders
  • Attend all committee meetings
  • Respond promptly to all emails
  • Preferred: Have a valid driver’s license, insurance and be willing to drive either an own or a rental vehicle to and from your site

The Ideal Team Leader:
If you are organized, self-motivated, personable, and would like to hone your leadership skills, this is the perfect position for you! No prior HCASB experience is necessary though applications from past participants and committee members are highly encouraged.

A link to the Catalyst application is available on the homepage of our website. All Team Leader applications will be considered after the deadline. Online skype interviews will be conducted late October to early November. Applicants will be notified of their application status and decision in early November.

Apply for Scholarship as Team Leader:

Full and partial scholarships are available students who are accepted into our program. When grading applications and making decisions on acceptances, we do not have access to scholarship information. Only after you are notified of your acceptance, we look at whether you need financial assistance and make the decision to award partial or full scholarships.

If you interested in going on the trip but are worried about finances, we highly encourage you to apply for a scholarship whether you are interested in being a Team Leader or Participant. Please do not let money discourage you from applying!

A link to the Scholarship Catalyst application is available on the homepage of our website. Applicants will be notified of their scholarship application status by early February.


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