2019-20 Steering Committee


Megana Boddam 


Bioengineering, Class of 2020

HCASB is an amazing organization for learning about and experiencing the multifaceted nature of healthcare. I found opportunities to not only shadow various healthcare professionals (primary care physicians, surgeons at hospitals, nurses, optometrists, physician assistants, and more) at work but also got to know these professionals on a more human level while home-staying with them. Moreover, I witnessed and understood the benefits and challenges of practicing healthcare in an under-served community through HCASB trips. Outside of the trips themselves, being involved in HCASB leadership taught me how to be efficient, flexible, and resourceful enough to coordinate 130-150 UW students on a week long professional trip. Therefore, I encourage pre-healthcare students at UW to apply and get shadowing and leadership experience with us.

My promise for this year’s spring break trip is to do my best in making it meaningful, educational, and interesting for all HCASB participants!  

Vice President:

Kyryll Keydansky


Biochemistry & Informatics, Class Of 2020

Through HCASB, I have gained a far greater appreciation for the intricate details involved in coordinating and orchestrating such a massive organization, full of talented students, healthcare professionals, and volunteers. Alongside my fellow steering committee members, I am excited to start my fourth and final year with HCASB!

Director of Shadowing Operations:

Autumn Capper


Biology, Class of 2021 

Hey y’all! My name is Autumn Capper, and I am one of the Directors of Shadowing Operations. Outside of HCASB, I play the trumpet in the Husky Marching Band and work as a coordinator in UW Bothell’s Orientation and Transition Programs department. Over at Seattle Children’s, I volunteer as a Reach Out and Read Reader. In my free time, I love to bake, read, and hangout with friends. I have been involved with HCASB for three years now! I spent my first year as a participant, and was a Team Leader for the Tonasket, WA shadowing site last year. HCASB provides an amazing opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, learn more about rural healthcare and its socioeconomic factors, and meet an amazing family of pre-health students. As a student just beginning to learn about the medical field, having the opportunity to dive deep into a rural shadowing experience has not only taught me so much about the field, but it has also helped me decide that medicine is the right field for me. Can’t wait to see where this year takes us!

Director of Shadowing Operations:

Ethan Knight


Public Health & Neuroscience, Class Of 2020

My name is Ethan Knight, and I am one of the Directors of Shadowing Operations for HCASB. HCASB has been an incredibly enriching experience for me, as it provided one of my first exposure to clinicians and other allied health professions. Being able to compare the different fields of medicine, as well as compare medicine to pharmacy and social support services has helped highlight why I hope to become a physician in the future. In addition to HCASB, I am also involved with Chemistry and Biochemistry Honor Society (PLU), Husky Capture the Flag, and the Jet City Football Club.

Director of Shadowing Operations:

Ishira Parikh


MCD Biology & Disability Studies, Class Of 2021

Hello! I’m Ishira, one of the Directors of Shadowing Operations. I’ve been involved in HCASB since my freshman year when I realized that I knew so little about rural Washington despite living in the Seattle metropolitan area my entire life. HCASB has been incredibly eye-opening and has driven me to consider how to reduce inequality as well as be open to a variety of medical specialties by being immersed in various shadowing experiences over the week. Outside of HCASB, I’m the Public Education Lead of Washington iGEM, an author/editor/illustrator at Grey Matters, a neurodevelopmental Reach Out and Read Volunteer at Seattle Children’s Hospital and have also been involved with various research opportunities. In my free time, I enjoy photography editing, visual arts, and listening to music. I’m super excited to see all of the amazing memories made with HCASB this year!

Director of Admissions:

Zachariah Fincher


Biochemistry & Dance, Class Of 2022

Howdy! I am your redheaded representative from the San Juan Islands, the rural community that is basically Canada. Rural healthcare is very important to me; the islands only recently built a hospital on the island and must still medivac multiple patients to the mainland. When my mother went into labor, she had to lie about being in labor to drive onto the ferry (ferries won’t let women in labor on board) because she would have been stuck on the island with no medical attention. Many people in rural areas suffer similar conditions and are given no press nor representation in healthcare committees, which is why I am super exited to be making this year’s cohort of HCASB participants. In addition to HCASB, I am also an active archer at the UW Archery Club, a paid Peer Health Educator at LiveWell, and a research assistant in the Department of Chemistry Vaughan Lab. I’m excited to hear all of your voices and make this experience one worth remembering.

Director of Marketing:

Amber Hsu


Biochemistry + English , Class Of 2020

Hello- I’m Amber, and this year I’m leading the marketing committee to promote HCASB through hosting informational sessions, managing our social media, and reaching out to other on-campus organizations. Please let me know if you have any marketing related questions!

Director of Finance:

Sean Koo


Physiology, Class Of 2021

Hello! My name is Sean Koo, and I am the Director of Finance. I have been involved with HCASB since my freshman year, and I love the experience with the club. HCASB taught me the correct definition of healthcare, from a place I wasn’t expecting. As a premed, I wanted to shadow a physician last year, but due to limited seats, I got to shadow Physical Therapists. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the shadowing since I knew I wasn’t going to be a PT. However, I actually learned about healthcare more than when I was shadowing physicians in the past. This unique experience was possible because healthcare is a system, so it involves many departments, professionals, and patients. HCASB provided me the multiple perspectives towards our healthcare. I am also the Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Outside the school, I love volunteering at the surgical information desk of Swedish. I am a big fan of the Seahawks and Hotspurs, and enjoy outdoor activities, like fishing and camping.

Director of Orientation:

George Song


MCD Biology & Psychology, Class of 2021

HCASB has opened my eyes to the reality of healthcare and given me firsthand knowledge on how health services are administered, especially in rural areas. Through HCASB, my career goals have been narrowed to encompass more focused specialties including cardiology, neuroscience, and practice of surgery. Outside of HCASB I also dance for the Kompany here at UW and participate in visual arts at Epiphany. Additionally, I also spend time doing research in the Perlmutter Lab regarding neuroplasticity and its potential effects to aid recovery from Spinal Cord Injury. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing video games, and watching TV..

Alumni Adviser:

Anders Ledell